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The Eastern Michigan Writing Project is located on the campus of Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti, Michigan. As a result of receiving a Technology Matters minigrant, we are in the process of creating a technology team that will make technology an integral part of our site. Leadership representing all three strands (teacher as writer, teacher consultant, teacher researcher) will meet 4 times within the next 12 months to design a new interactive website. Each team member is committed to using the technology presented (blog, wiki, and an online bookmarking tool) so they can work collaboratively between meetings, becoming an online community thinking about our use of technology. The team will reflect on how we might integrate this technology into our own classrooms, future professional development, and the Summer Institutes.

EMWP TC's please join the online discussion as we develop the new website. Under the first topic, Discussion of Website Features/Wishlist, please list items you would like to have included in our website AND why you think they are important. As we get further along in the process, the other defined spaces can be used by you and your colleagues to discuss exactly what text/media will be included your portion of the website. Encourage other TC's to join in this discussion, as we need a website that "works" for them too.

I am glad you are here!

Deb Hetrick Technical Liason

Please Note: it is important that you log in every time so we can follow the history of who made what changes; after all, that is the beauty of this tool. When in the "edit mode," be sure to click on the "Save page" button below this box when you are done.

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