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[[Image:Uk flag large.png]]
I am an Associate Professor of English at California State University, Chico, where I teach in the English Education program. A former high school teacher in Kelso, Washington, I maintain ties with public school teachers through my work with the Northern California Writing Project, where I am the Summer Institute director and Technology Liaison. I currently serve on the Technology Liaisons Leadership Team for the National Writing Project.
I am currently experimenting with the use of Wikis in my classes; the links below will take you to see what my students and I are getting up to in the Wiki world.
*[[333|ENGL 333: Advanced Composition for Future Teachers]]
**This entirely-online course is for future elementary-school teachers, focusing on both the students' own writing as well as the teaching of writing.
*[[341|ENGL 341: Reading Literature]]
**This is another online course for future elementary school teachers, focusing on literacy issues related to the reading (and other uses) of literature in school.
*[[534|ENGL 534: Literature, Language, Composition: A Synthesis]]
**This face-to-face course is for future secondary English teachers, and focuses on synthesizing the various strands of English studies into the amalgam that is junior high and high school English.

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